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Question: Could you please elaborate on preparations for the 2010 Population and Housing Census?

Answer: Conducting the Population and Housing Census (PHC) allows us to augment a database on the current social and economic development of Mongolia and have a wide range of information. One of the prerequisites for a successful census is to undertake excellent preparations for the census. This round of the PHC is a comprehensive activity whereby every Mongolian citizen living in Mongolia and abroad and foreign and stateless citizen living in the country is counted during the census period (as of 24:00 on January 9th, 2010) and a thorough study is carried out through a questionnaire embracing a number of questions such as on household status, age, sex, nationality, residence, education, employment, and housing conditions to find out the issues. It also involves preparations for data collection, conduct of the census, production of results from the census, and data dissemination. Just to mention some actions commenced to be taken in the framework of the preparatory steps for the PHC is approval of a master plan for conducting the PHC, undertaking of advocacy activities towards the Law on Population and Housing Census (LPHC), setting up of units responsible for conducting the PHC at each administrative unit, development of census questionnaire, manual and classification, conduct of a pilot census, organization of training and advocacy activities on the PHC, and resolution to resource needs. Since the census is a wide-ranging undertaking that has numerous stages and requires extensive preparations and logistics, relevant professional institutions and the National Statistical Office of Mongolia (NSO) are placing special attention to this round of the PHC and are well prepared for it. Accordingly, the Parliament of Mongolia appointed the date of the PHC and issued a Resolution to set up a State Committee on the PHC. The first meeting of the State Committee chaired by Prime Minister of Mongolia at which a working plan was approved and roles of its members were identified was held on April 17th, 2008. Branch committees and ad hoc bureaus on the census will be established soon in the capital city, and each aimag, soum and district. As a numerous number of people are recruited as full-time and casual ones during the census operation, we have already informed ministries and other public administration institutions of our request for cooperation in the matter in the course of the PHC. Regarding the master plan, one of important components of censuses, the draft master plan is about to be finalized. The establishment of a Census Bureau at the NSO was also done within the said activity...

Answer: It is felt that censuses are a huge undertaking requiring a lot of preparations and logistics. What should be more important for citizens to be covered in the census?

Answer: According to article 10.5 of the LPHC, the following persons shall be covered in the census:

Citizens of Mongolia living in the territory of Mongolia; foreign citizens and stateless persons residing in Mongolia more than 183 days and being obtained permits from relevant authorities to stay for over 6 months in Mongolia;

Citizens of Mongolia and their family members working for overseas diplomatic missions and consulates of Mongolia and international organizations;

Citizens of Mongolia working, studying and residing abroad for personal reasons;


The following types of living quarters shall be regarded as housing: houses; apartments; all types of gers; public living quarters; non-living quarters and other places;

Therefore, it is essential for every individual and citizen to prepare himself or herself for the census and answer reliably and truly the census questionnaire. It is legalized that census enumerators shall visit every household and count each member of a family he or she visited and interview them by using a questionnaire that has over 20 questions composed of 4 sets of issues, such as demography, economy, society, geography, migration, and housing conditions.

In addition, as specified by the law that taking account of situations, the NSO may incorporate additional indicators needed for studying demography, migration, social and economic and housing conditions into the census questionnaire, we will consider the emerging needs to collect some global and national indicators of the Millennium Development Goals. Thus, some indicators would be added to the questionnaire. We will develop the questionnaire with the focus on questions that would be as clear as possible and easily answered without reservations. But it is crucial for citizens to answer truly. According to the LPHC, it is legalized for the first time obligations of citizens during the conduct of the PHCs.

In accordance with the LPHC, citizens are obliged to provide the census questionnaire with true and complete information; give census enumerators access to his or her apartment/house; and obtain a document attesting he or she covered in the census.

It is intended to take step by step actions to ensure that every citizen shall be covered in the census and let them know what rights they enjoy, what obligations they have, and what are important to answer the census questions and to organize some educational and advocacy activities in this area. In this regard, we believe that the media and journalists would be able to take part actively in the census undertakings in their professional area and make their tangible contribution to the implementation of the LPHC.


Question: What is the feature of the upcoming census compared to the previous one in 2000?


Answer: The PHC, took place in 2000, was carried out in compliance with methodologies and recommendations by the United Nations during the transition period from a command economy to a market economy.

The 2010 PHC will have a lot of features in relation to the preceding ones. Above all, Mongolia is going to conduct for the first time its PHC in the light of the special provisions of the LPHC. The Parliament of Mongolia adopted the LPHC on January 3rd, 2008. This will be the first census by which many key elements of the census such as a permanent mechanism responsible for the conduct of PHCs, economic guarantee, coverage of the census, and data collection and processing are guaranteed under the LPHC. In addition, we are about to have a comprehensive plan entitled "the master plan for the 2010 PHC", which reflects operations of each stage of the census in a detailed way and determines responsible sides to organize successfully the census as a whole, resource needs, required costs, and timeframe. The development of the master plan enables us to collect data and information in a short time period by using up-to-date technologies in all processes of the census operation. Compared to the preceding censuses, the 2010 PHC is to produce results from the census in a short time period through the application of technological advancement. Furthermore, census enumeration mapping will be made at bagh and khoroo levels by employing advanced technologies and devices. As a result, this will increase the coverage rate of the census and thereby create a geographic information database for the first time.


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