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As indicated in Law on Statistics of Mongolia, with financial support from Government of Mongolia, UN Children’s fund and UN Population fund, National Statistical Office of Mongolia (NSO) has conducted “Social indicator sample survey” for the first time and published overall result of it to public. Moreover, microdata and related materials of survey are available on so that students, instructors, researchers and policy decision makers are provided with more convenient ways of reaching and using results of survey at their need.

By now, official webpage of National Statistical Office of Mongolia is built up with Household Socio-Economic Survey /HSES/, Labour Force Survey /LFS/, Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey /MICS/, Time Use Study /TUS/, Reproductive Health Survey /RHS/ and other national level surveys. Apart from surveys, it also includes survey information of “the Nutritional status of the population of Mongolia 2010” and “STEPS 2013” by Ministry of Health and Sport.

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Deficit of equilibrated balance has decreased by 46.7 billion togrog. In the first 2 months of 2017, total equilibrated revenue and grants of the General Government Budge
2017 / 03 / 13
The industrial production index rose by 23.4 percent in February, 2017 Gross industrial output in first 2 months of 2017 has reached 1793.5 billion togrogs by preliminary
2017 / 03 / 13
Domestic currency deposits increased and foreign currency deposits decreased from the previous month According to a report of the Bank of Mongolia, money supply (broad money or M2) reached 12.3 trillio
2017 / 03 / 13
Average wages and salaries increased by 8.6 percent Social insurance payment report of the Government implementing agency General Authority for Health
2017 / 03 / 13
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