Published at: 2017 / 05 / 09. 16 : 47

Committee of governors and soum’s employees training has been started. For example, Khuvsgul aimag’s training began today. L. Ganbold, governor of the province, Ch. Bayanchimeg, Vice chairperson of NSO, E. Erdenetsetseg, Director of statistics division of Khuvsgul province are given opening speech and 24 employees who are responsible of statistics, governors of bag’s total of 126 employees are participating in the training. Ch. Bayanchimeg, Vice chairperson of NSO giving lessons on “Legal environment and law activities of statistics sector”, M. Ganchimeg, Director of foreign relations and cooperation division of NSO, giving speech on “Role of releasing statistics data of Governor of bag and statistic officers of soums”.  Also, M. Enkhzorig, Senior officer of population and household census bureau, teaching about “Purpose and use of population, household’s database and livestock census database”.  

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