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“A.Ariunzaya, Chairperson of NSO of Mongolia will become a member of Expert group of the handbook on international statistics activities.”

A.Ariunzaya, Chairperson of NSO of Mongolia and Z.Khuslen, Director of Foreign relations and cooperation division attended to the 49th Session of the United Nations Statistics Commission (UNSC). This year delegations from 140 countries, UN body organizations, over 40 international organizations, six regional organizations of the Commission, and 10 NGOs attended the 49th Session.

Ms. Ariunzaya and Ms. Khuslen attend the 49th Session of UNSC along with side events from 2 – 9 March 2018 in New York. During the session, the delegates took an active participation in both main and side events to express the Mongolian Statistics’ views and suggestions on the items of discussion. Ms. Ariunzaya held a meeting with Heads of the UNSD and other partner organizations, also presented the Handbook on “Statistics for Economies Based on Natural Resources”, prepared by the Ulaanbaatar Group.

At the 49th session, the member countries discussed 32 items at the main events, and held closed and open meetings during the side events. Ms. Ariunzaya led the High level forum on “Communicating data and statistics: Bringing trusted and actionable data to the public, the media and policy-makers” as a moderator. For its active participation, the National Statistics Office of Mongolia is elected as a member of the Advisory Group of the UNSD-DFID Project on SDG Monitoring. At the 49th Session, member countries endorsed and approved the Handbook on “Statistics for Economies Based on Natural Resources”, prepared by the Ulaanbaatar Group.

Ms.Ariunzaya and Mr. Schweinfest, Director of the UNSD, held a joint meeting and discussed about the role of the national statistics offices in the 2030 Agenda, and called NSO’s to collaborate with their governments to monitor the implementation of the 2030 Agenda. During the meeting, Mr. Schweinfest stated that NSO's activities are improving at the international level, and his expressed to support NSOM continuously. Also, he expressed his gratitude and welcomed the leadership of NSOM. During the sessions Ms. Ariunzaya held a meeting with bilateral and multilateral collaboration organizations such as delegates of the DESTATIS, Ms. Bruun, Finland Statistics, Mr. Surinov, Chair of Rosstat, Mr. Masato, Director General of SBJ, Mr.Taube, Director of Statistical Office of EFTA, Ms. Hwang Soo-kyeong, Commissioner of Statistics Korea, Ms. Haishan Fu, Director of Development Data Group, World Bank, Mr. Kaushal Joshi, Senior statistician of the ADB, Ms. Vukovich, President of the Hungarian Central Statistical Office,  Mr. Nguyen Bich Lam, Director General of General Statistics Office of Vietnam, Ms. Lisa, Director of the Philippine Statistics Authority, delegates of OECD, Palestine Statistics, Suriname Statistics, and other delegates related to the cooperation in statistics area.

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