Published at: 2018 / 04 / 17. 15 : 58

National Statistics Office of Mongolia has organized final workshop of the project “Strengthening capacity for Environmental – economic accounting”, which implemented in collaboration with Asian Development Bank in 23 of March. In the workshop, delegates from Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industries, Ministry of Agriculture and Light Industries, Ministry of Finance, Customs General Administration, Mongolian Tax Administration, Energy Regulatory Agency, Mongolian Energy Economic Institute and energy distributing organizations have attended. 

As an opening speech, Ms. Ariunzaya Ayush expressed “First of all, I would like to thank the organizations provided professional, methodological supports and information and project group of ADB for managing and implementing the project.

National Statistics Office of Mongolia as a statistical organization of a country has been implementing international standard statistical methodological documents “System of Environmental and Economic Accounting” step by step, which was approved from 43rd session of United Nations Statistical Commission for interpreting relations between economy and environment, measuring changes in natural resources and other purposes. Material flow account first established for 2005-2013 preliminary results in 2014. Basing on the preliminary results, methodology for Material Flow Account was developed in 2015 and being adopted until now. In this project, methodology of Material flow account is renewed, methodologies of energy account and environment tax account are newly developed, related data collection and results have successfully completed.

Also, one achievement was that possible use of unconventional databases such as VAT database for statistics. Very simple example is that use of gasoline can be calculated directly from VAT transactions. There are many similar small achievements came out from the activities of this project.       

“National Strategy for the Development of Statistics 2017-2020” medium term program has been approved. In this program, Environmental – Economic Accounting included to be implemented step by step. My organization will put great emphasis on this work.

From the information of the accounts of the project, some of Sustainable Development Goals and Green Development indicators will be calculated. Also, I am sure it is going to be background information for making environment and economic related policy and decisions. More importantly, we will focus on disseminating information more comprehensive and simple as much as possible that we produce.”    

In the workshop, results from “Material Flow Account”, “Energy Account” and “Environmental Tax Account” were presented for 2015 and 2016, and discussion sessions held between participants.

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