Published at: 2018 / 08 / 30. 14 : 09

In the worldwide, decision makers pay particular attention for the usage of statistical data to determine the country’s development policy. Statistics is growing very fast and demand for more statistics is also increasing everywhere and along with necessity to deliver simple and understandable data to the users. 

Within the framework of above goals, we have been providing training about statistical uses and users forGovernmental organizations, Embassies, International Organizations, Business entities, Universities and Colleges and General Education schools.

The NSO conducted the “Statistic-Users” training for 11 Embassies in Mongolia and participants includes, Ambassador, Minister, Minister Counsellor, First Secretary, Second Secretary, Third Secretary, Attache, Head of Trade and Economic Division and Officer of Development Program.

In this training, NSO staffs introduced structure and uses of Statistical Database (, the different types of statistical dissemination method and various ways of  statistical data collection and we are always welcome for individuals and organizations those who wants statistical training.

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