Published at: 2018 / 09 / 13. 13 : 44

In accordance with provision e. of section 7 of the Law on Statistics of Mongolia that MICS shall be conducted in every 5 years, National Statistics Office (NSO) of Mongolia is preparing the organization of the survey. A part of the preparation is training for enumerators and successful organization of this training will be directly influence the quality of the data collection, further, the efficiency of the government policies and programs.

Therewith, the training involving 120 enumerators started from 20th of August and will continue for 30 days, until 18th of September.

The training comprises of in class lessons and practical training. Class lessons are thought by specialists from the sectors, namely, Ministry of Health, National Maternal and Child Health Center, National Center for Communicable Diseases, National Social Health Center, Authority for Family, Child and Youth Development, Save the Children Fund, UNICEF, UNFPA, International Labor Organization, Power Engineering School of MUST, Mongolian Association of Civil Engineers, Pre-School teachers from Mongolian National University of Education and other specialists.

Practical training of the interviews includes measuring the weights and heights of kids, examining the iodine content in table salt, and testing the e-coli (drinking water acceptable levels) in drinking water quality. 

MICS has indicators regarding kids and women’s health, education, growth, development, protection, family condition, implementation of rights, knowledge and approach of sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS, sexual behavior and husbands and men’s reproductive health. On the other side MICS will create reliable statistical information for policy makers, authorities, researchers, scientists and everyone who are interested in.

Furthermore, this survey will provide information to evaluate the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and the government policies on health, reproduction, mother and infant health.


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