Published at: 2018 / 09 / 13. 13 : 48

Ms. Ariunzaya Ayush, Chairperson of National Statistics Office of Mongolia (NSO) welcomed Mr. Gregory Legoff, Senior economist and Ms. Elirjeta Pepaj, Assistant from Statistics Department of IMF and Mr. Neil Saker, IMF President Representative for Mongolia.

            Mission was for 10 working days from 27th of August, 2018 and consultants acquainted with data sources and methodology of quarterly GDP estimation by both production and expenditure approaches and provided technical expertise on sectors of mining and quarrying, trade and information and communication technology, and product tax estimation methodology.

            During the mission, the discussions held with specialists from main consumer of National Accounts; Central Bank of Mongolia and Ministry of Finance, on methodology, data sources and quality of quarterly and annual GDP estimations. Also, consultants provided training on international practices on using VAT information for the compiling National Accounts and IMF techniques for balancing Supply - Use Table and provided consultancy on the trade margin, VAT matrix and methodology to renew the GDP dynamics of previous years.

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