Published at: 2018 / 09 / 21. 11 : 53

Ms. Ariunzaya held meeting with Mr. Takenori Shimizu, Former Ambassador of Japan to Mongolia. He has contributed greatly to the development of friendly relations between two countries and communication between citizens, and strengthening the mutual trust and understanding.

Currently, Mr. Takenori is lecturer at Chuo University of Tokyo, on Mongolian Studies and Economics, and he is using Mongolian tourism statistics in his lectures. By this meeting, he objectified to learn more about statistics provided by NSO.

During the meeting, Ms. Ariunzaya introduced statistics of Mongolian tourism and what sort of statistics can be used from Online Integrated Database of NSO ( Mr. Takenori pointed out that the number of passengers between two countries were only 5 in 1958 and 17 in 1972, and he emphasized that it has been increasing  by thousands since 1977 and reached 22000 at this time.

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