Published at: 2018 / 10 / 02. 18 : 39

In this meeting, Professor. Andreas Kyprianou and Dr. Tony Shardlow were exchanged views on possibilities of future cooperation and use of NSO data for their intending research on air pollution of Mongolia. NSO presented structure and uses of Statistical Database ( and nature and environment statistics, especially air pollution statistics, which estimated by geospatial statistical method.

            Andreas Kyprianou expressed his compliment on developing innovative projects to delivering user friendly and easy to understand statistical information service. Also, he expressed his interest on possible application to Bath University students’ internship from NSO and empowering statistical staffs of NSO. For the side note, the Institute of Mathematics of National University of Mongolia and Bath University jointly organized the basic intensive training on “Probability and Mathematical Statistics” from 11th -21st of September, 2018.


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