Published at: 2019 / 03 / 27. 18 : 01

Ms. Ariunzaya, Chairperson of NSO, met with delegates led by Mr. Kim Kee Byung, Head of the Department of Ministry of Interior and Safety. At this meeting, activities of the NSO, information technology and future cooperation proposals were presented.

Ms. Ariunzaya expressed her gratitude for the development of IT technology and the strengthening of Mongolia's professional capacity. Also, their willingness to cooperate and learn about Korea's experience in e-learning, information security, and information-based development policies and programs.

Mr. Kim Kee Byung said that the development of information technology has been intense, particularly in the field of statistical development and expressed its willingness to further develop the information security system that is suitable for Mongolia. Furthermore, he noted that the NSO's proposal would be reviewed and responded.

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