Socio-economic situation of Mongolia (As of the first two months of 2010)
Published at: 2010 он 03 сар 10. 08 цаг 53 минут
Mongolia was conducted “Labor Force Survey (LFS)” on quarterly basis in accordance with the international common methodologies for the first time in 2002-2003 and it became a nationwide employment baseline survey that focused on seasonally adjustment in the labor market. Then according to amendments of the Law on Stati
Socio-economic situation of Mongolia (As of the January of 2010)
Published at: 2010 он 02 сар 10. 09 цаг 18 минут
The number of births (live) in the January of 2010 reached 6127 and it shows an increase of 729 children or 13.5 percent. The number of mothers delivered child was 6097 showing an increase of 718 mothers or 13.3 percent compared to the compared with the same period of previous year. A number of infant mortality stood a
Social and economic situation of Mongolia (As of the preliminary result of 2009)
Published at: 2010 он 01 сар 14. 10 цаг 20 минут
There is forecast, that Mongolian population reach 2736.8 thousand, this has increased by 53.2 thousand person or 1.98 percent compared with the 2008 year. By data sources of the Ministry of Health, in 2009, births per 1000 population was 25.1, mortality per 1000 population was 5.7 and natural increase per 1000 populat
Management Seminar on Global Assessments Yalta, 23-25 September 2009
Published at: 2010 он 01 сар 12. 15 цаг 44 минут
The European Free Trade Association, in cooperation with UN Economic Commission for Europe and Eurostat, has successfully organized the Strategic Management Seminar on Global Assessment during 23-25 September, 2009 in Yalta, Ukraine. In this seminar, Mr. G.Gerelt-Od, First Vice Chairman of the National Statistical offi
Visit by delegation headed by Mr Mendsaikhan, Chairman of the NSO, to the Federal Statistical Office of Germany
Published at: 2010 он 01 сар 12. 15 цаг 42 минут
At the invitation of Mr Egeler, President of the Federal Statistical Office of the Federal Republic of Germany, delegates from the National Statistical Office of Mongolia paid an official visit to Germany during 13-17 December, 2009.
The delegation, led by NSO Chairman Mr Mendsaikhan and composed of Mr Dagvadorj, Gene
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