Chairperson of NSO Mongolia received representative of TIKA
Published at: 2016 он 10 сар 10. 14 цаг 59 минут
Mrs. A. Ariunzaya, chairperson of NSO Mongolia received M. Veysel Ciftci, the newly appointed Representative of Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) to Mongolia and congratulated him on the new appointment.
Social and economic situation of Mongolia (As a first 8 months of 2016)
Published at: 2016 он 09 сар 12. 11 цаг 25 минут
In August 2016, about 29932 people were registered as unemployment. Compared to July 2016, the number of unemployed persons decreased by 612 (2%). Compared with a year ago, unemployment fell by 492 (1.6%).
Invitation to apply for the short-term consultants’ positions
Published at: 2016 он 08 сар 23. 10 цаг 37 минут
Upon the request of the Government of Mongolia the International Development Association provided assistance in the form of IDA financing to support implementation of Smart Government Project.
Social and economic situation of Mongolia (As the first of 4 months 2016)
Published at: 2016 он 05 сар 13. 10 цаг 28 минут
In the first 4 months of 2016, 25284 mothers delivered 25400 children (live births) it has decreased by 1114 mothers or 4.2 percent and by 1161 children or 4.4 percent compared to same period of the previous year.
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