Social and Economic situation of Mongolia (As of the preliminary result of 2016)
Published at: 2017 он 01 сар 17. 11 цаг 44 минут
The population of the Mongolia preliminary estimated 3120.9 thous.persons at the end of 2016, a growth of 63.2 thous.persons (2.1%) from the previous year.
Final report meeting of NSO
Published at: 2016 он 12 сар 26. 15 цаг 07 минут
NSO organized its annual report meeting on December 26th of 2016. Through meeting, staff members of NSO presented their annual work that was fulfilled in 2016, and some members were awarded based on their work results.
Social and Economic situation of Mongolia (For the first 11 months of 2016)
Published at: 2016 он 12 сар 12. 11 цаг 56 минут
Social insurance payment report of The Government implementing agency General Authority for Health and Social Insurance of Mongolia covered 581.4 thousand employees in 37.1 thousand establishments for third quarter of 2016.
Final report meeting of the 5th Country Program Action Plan
Published at: 2016 он 12 сар 09. 15 цаг 01 минут
The Mongolian government and the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) fulfilled Country Program Action Plan (CPAP) between the years 2012 and 2016 with its final meeting being held at the Shangri-La hotel and convention center.
Seminar on “Innovation Indicators” organized by NSO Mongolia, UNESCO and MECSS
Published at: 2016 он 12 сар 07. 15 цаг 05 минут
Sustainable Development Agenda-2030 officially known as “Transforming our world” is a set of 17 goals with 169 targets and 241 indicators and spearheaded by United Nation General Assembly through a deliberative process involving its 193 member states.
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