Published at: 2017 он 02 сар 20. 10 цаг 07 минут
Historical records show that Mongolia began registering its population many years ago. However, no clear historical documentation has been found on population distribution across territory, in what year the registration occurred, how enumeration happened or how many people were counted.
Social and economic situation of Mongolia (As of January 2017)
Published at: 2017 он 02 сар 15. 16 цаг 28 минут
The results from the fourth quarter of the 2016 Labour Force Survey showed that the number of economically active population aged 15 and over reached 1239.8 thousand at the national level, out of which 659.7 (53.2%) thousand persons were males and 580.1 (46.8%) thousand persons were females.
Social and Economic situation of Mongolia (As of the preliminary result of 2016)
Published at: 2017 он 01 сар 17. 11 цаг 44 минут
The population of the Mongolia preliminary estimated 3120.9 thous.persons at the end of 2016, a growth of 63.2 thous.persons (2.1%) from the previous year.
Final report meeting of NSO
Published at: 2016 он 12 сар 26. 15 цаг 07 минут
NSO organized its annual report meeting on December 26th of 2016. Through meeting, staff members of NSO presented their annual work that was fulfilled in 2016, and some members were awarded based on their work results.
Social and Economic situation of Mongolia (For the first 11 months of 2016)
Published at: 2016 он 12 сар 12. 11 цаг 56 минут
Social insurance payment report of The Government implementing agency General Authority for Health and Social Insurance of Mongolia covered 581.4 thousand employees in 37.1 thousand establishments for third quarter of 2016.
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