Total revenue of restaurants increased by 22.3% and total revenue of hotels decreased by 0.9%
Published at: 2017 он 05 сар 11. 12 цаг 35 минут
In the first quarter of 2017, the total revenue of restaurants was 55.8 billion tugrugs, which increased by 10.2 (22.3%) billion tugrugs compared to the previous year. The increase in revenue was mainly due to increases 5.8 (71.1%) billion tugrugs in caterings and 2.7 (10.9%) billion tugrugs in restaurants from the pre
In April 2017, the average air temperature was warmer by 3.0°C from multi-year average temperatures.
Published at: 2017 он 05 сар 10. 16 цаг 56 минут
According to the report of the National Agency for Meteorology and Environment Monitoring, a maximum precipitation was registered at 37.0 mm in Bulgan soum of Khovd aimag. All soums of Selenge aimag had the highest air temperature (27.0°C), while Otgon soum of Zavkhan aimag had the lowest air temperature (-23.0°C) in A
Domestic passengers by air transport increased 17.5 percent
Published at: 2017 он 05 сар 10. 13 цаг 44 минут
The revenue from railway transport reached 149.6 MNT billion and has increased by MNT 30.9 billion tugrugs (26.1%) compared to the same period of the previous year.
Social and economic situation of Mongolia (As of March 2017)
Published at: 2017 он 04 сар 12. 15 цаг 49 минут
The results from the fourth quarter of the 2016 Labour Force Survey showed that the number of economically active population aged 15 and over reached 1239.8 thousand at the national level, out of which 659.7 (53.2%) thousand persons were males and 580.1 (46.8%) thousand persons were females.
Average price for 1 kilogram of cashmere was 100.0 thousand togrogs in Dornod aimag
Published at: 2017 он 04 сар 10. 21 цаг 39 минут
Average price of horse hide was lowest in Govi-Altai, Sukhbaatar and Bulgan aimags at 15.0-17.5 thousand togrogs and highest in Dundgovi and Omnogovi aimags and Ulaanbaatar 31.0-33.0 thousand togrogs.
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