Amendments to the Statistics Law of Mongolia, made by Mongolian Parliament in 2004 contain a provision authorizing the National Statistical Office to develop, within its plenary powers, a Program defining the short-term goals and objectives for estimating the official statistics indicators and conducting censuses and statistical surveys. This provisions stems from the very need to base statistical services upon clearly set strategies and policies and enhance scientific grounding and nature of statistical services. Following this provision, the Official Statistics Development Program for 2006-2010 was developed and duly ratified, which was consistent and harmonious with the spirits and ideals of the Recommendations of the UN Statistics Commission sessions and the Marrakech Statistics Development Plan.

     The Program is the fundamental document to define the mid and short-term directions for statistics services, to determine the vision, mission, principles, policies and strategic objectives of statistical organization, to set forth immediate aims and goals, to identify the ways and means to attain these goals, necessary funds and required human capacities and other essential mechanisms to ensure the implementation of the stated goals in a planned and phased manner. 
The Program is a product of collective efforts of competent experts, organizations, advisors and professionals and reflects the valuable comments and advices by UNDP, World Bank, ADB, TACIS program, The Statistical Bureau of Australia, Civil Service Council, Academy of Management and others. 
The Program abides by the 10 Principles of Official Statistics defined by UN in 1992 and recommended to its member nations, and the key principles enshrined in Mongolian Law on Statistics. The Program relies on the participation of the Mongolian Government and the public and is the expression of their support and endorsement. This is a truly national document, developed by and thanks to the most active and central participation of the country's statistical organization. 
The development of official statistics service in Mongolia has been consistent with the country's overall social and economic development. Reforms and changes in the statistics organization of Mongolia aim at the following important goals:

• To conform statistical information to international standards;
• To introduce advanced techniques and technologies in statistics services and create national standards;
• To conduct a management reform to develop and enhance professional cadre and human resources capacities
• To expand bilateral and multilateral cooperation in statistical services.

     Development of official statistics will necessitate full introduction of the National Accounts System in the nearest years, enhancing the quality of data and information surveys, attaining international standards in data processing system and implementing reforms at the statistical organization.

     The Official Statistics Development Program of Mongolia for 2006-2010 defines the principal objective of the official statistics as "to develop national standards which meet the public needs and are based on common international methodologies, and to provide the client with prompt statistical information by introducing advanced information technologies in the statistical service (Article 2.1). The following 7 sub-objectives have been defined under the umbrella of the afore stated principal objective. These are:

1. For macro-economic statistics

     To fully introduce the National Accounts System, and improve the methodology for the main economic and social indicators at the macro-economic level.

2. For economic statistics

    To introduce common international methodologies in economic statistics, enhance the system of indicators and create capacities for sample statistical surveys and censuses relying upon statistics units.

3. For population and social statistics

    To improve population registration and to enhance the quality of population and social statistics in conformity with the common international methodologies, and start estimating poverty, population subsistence level and main consumption indicators at local levels.

4. For development of statistica methodology, research and analyses

    To develop national standards in conformity with common international standards, and improve the scientific nature and reasoning for statistical analyses and research by introducing modeling, forecasting, factor analysis techniques and methods.

5. For statistical information and communication technology

    To introduce cost-effective information and communication technologies at all levels of statistical data processing to ensure for prompt statistical services, and to upgrade technological and equipment capacities in local statistical offices eradicating gaps in technical and technological statuses.

6. For human resources management

    To introduce modern administration management, improve human resources management, and instill international quality management standards by developing and training capable and dedicated cadre.

7. For international relations and cooperation in statistics

   To pursue active bilateral and multilateral cooperation in statistics with the view to enhance the development of official statistics and strengthen national capacities in statistics.

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