-  The National Statistical office shall provide the official statistical activities with centralized and unified management and coordination. 
-  The NSO can maintain methodological unit responsible for improving methodologies on scientific basis and making research, forecasting and unit for providing information service on a commercial basis, printing statistical yearbooks, bulletins and other documents. 
-  The NSO shall have the following rights:

• To provide statistical activity with professional and centralized management and take up measures of improving;
• To develop short term program on official statistics indicators, censuses and surveys to be conducted and have it endorsed by by State Great Khural;
• To approve and adopt indicators, methodologies and instructions of various censuses, surveys, and official statistical information and set up the timing of announcements. 
• to monitor, to adopt and approve indicators, methodologies and instructions of administrative statistics, and evaluate data coverage and accuracy in order to eradicate duplication and ensure incorporation of administrative and official statistics; 
• to provide guidelines to the organizations which are engaged in producing official statistics and respondents for conducting population, social and economic censuses, conducting sample and comprehensive surveys on special topics, to monitor and      evaluate their implementations;
• to collect official statistical information from relevant ministries and other government organizations in due time;
• to introduce and produce indicators and methodologies in accordance with international classifications, methodologies and standards; 
• to provide government and other government organizations with official statistical information needed in due time, agreed with the government; 
• to prepare and provide government and its organizations with specific official statistics which are necessary for specific policy formulation, planning, management and monitoring. 
• To to collect, process, and produce the indicators which are not covered in the Law on Statistics, and not approved by any organization which is engaged in producing official statistics;
• To disseminate official statistical informationand results of the survey to the users, and to ensure statistical transparency;
• To develop short, meduim and long term projections, models, research and analysis of socio-economic indicators of the country; 
• To strengthen professional capacity, to improve technological environment and software application through the integrated policy and plan; 
• To collect official statistics from respondents in due time;
• To provide government organizations with official statistics free of charge; 
• To ensure the accuracy of statistical data through checking, statistical data produced by legal bodies and imposing administrative sanctions according to the relevant legistlation and regulations;
• To involve national professionals and officers in the national censuses and surveys that is being conducted based on the request of Government, State Great Khural and President, on the basis of agreements concluded with their respective establishment and organizations;
• To take an action to elevate the decisions made by Cabinet members of the government, heads of other state organizations and Governors of aimags, capital city and management of business entities, when these decisions are inconsistent with the statistical law;
• To provide guidance for monitoring and controlling statistical activities of heads of statistical divisions of aimag and the capital city, units of districts, governors of bags and horoos;
• To actively participate in the activities of international statistical organizations and other specialized organizations in statistical area, and to cooperate with them in accordance with the legistlation of Mongolia, international rules and provide them with socio-economic statistics of Mongolia. 
• To provide explanation and correction when statistical information is misinterpreted and misused ; 
• To approve constant/basic price for comparison of official statistical indicators;
• To produce statistics on socio-economic situation of the country with relevant ministries and provide this information to the State Great Khural not less a month before, announcing parliament election.;
• To formulate and provide with unified methodologies of national registration and information together with relevant organization;
• To register every millionth citizen, when population of the country increases by a million and report to the President of Mongolia.
• The NSO can maintain Statistical Development Fund.

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