Current structure and organization of the NSO aim at serving toward successful implementation of the Program for Development of Official Statistics (2006-2010) as well as to exercising and carrying out the NSO powers, rights and duties under the Law of Mongolia on Statistics and other pertinent laws and regulatory statutes of Mongolia.


The council of the National Statistical Board

• The council with representatives from State Great Khural, Government, research organizations and users, works at the National Statistical Board to assist the National Statistical Board in maintaining official statistical activities and provide advice on use of uniform methodologies.

• The chair of the council shall be the chairman of the NSO of Mongolia 
• The members of the council of the National Statistical Board shall be non-staff. The council shall consist of 7 members. Three members shall be recommended by the Government and other three shall be recommended by the relevant Standing Committee of State Great Hural and all of them shall be appointed by the State Great Hural;
• Members of the Council of the National Statistical office are, President of Trade Union, Dean of Statistics of Economic School, National University of Mongolia, Economic Policy Consultant of Prime Minister, State Secretary of the Ministry of Finance, State Secretary of the Ministry of the Industry and Commerce, Consultant of Standing Committee on Economic, State Great Khural 
• The council can make recommendations to the National Statistical Board on basis of their decisions.

Board of Chairman of the NSO

      The main goal of the Board of the NSO is to assist and advice to the chairman to implement the rights of the NSO provided by the Law on Statistics such as to develop short and long term plans/programs to provide official statistical activities with professional and centralized management and to approve them, to improve statistics, studies and methodologies, to endorse them in accordance with international standards, to appoint reporting time, to provide guidelines conducting censuses and registrations, sample and comprehensive surveys in particular subjects on social and economic issues, to allocate and to spend budget provided etc. The board shall be led by the chairman of the NSO. 

Standing committee on Statistical methodology and research

     The main goal of the Standing Council of Methodology and Research is to improve data collection methods, forms, their instructions, system of indicators, data coverage, and compilation methods and methodologies, to define policies and directions on conforming the indicators to internationally accepted methodologies, to establish appropriate system to providing reliable and timely statistical data at the national level, to reinforce monitoring on elimination of duplication in the statistics, and improve data quality, to make professional comments, conclusions and recommendations on developing and introducing statistical survey methodologies based on scientific evidence for approval, and organization of their implementation. 

Functions of the Departments of the National Statistical office of Mongolia

     With directions approved by the Chairman of the NSO, the Head Office conducts its activities with five departments being the Macro Economics Statistics Department, Public Administration Department, Population and Social Statistics Department, Research Department, Data Processing and Technological Department, and Monitoring, Evaluation and Marketing Department, Economic Statistics Division and Foreign Relations Division. 

The Public Administration Department develops policy objectives, programs, plans and projects consistent with the organization's reform visions and development strategy; provides necessary managerial guidance, supports enforcement of law through effective coordination of efforts; enhances the public aministration and management functions with respect to human and financial resources allocation, supports creating and strengthening a capable professional staff, promotes effective advertizement and public relations, defines the directions for foreign and international cooperation, promtply and efficiently undertakes common administrative service,

Information Service Center. Main activities of the center is, in accordance with principle of transparency, to disseminate key results of statistical data to international organizations, to provide government agencies with statistical data free of charge, to improve marketing policy of statistical dissemination activities, to update website of the NSO of Mongolia and to deliver online services for statistical users, to upgrade printing techniques and strengthen printing capacity.

Foreign Relations and Cooperation Department to coordinate daily correspondences between international statistical organizations and statistical offices of other countries, to coordinate international seminar arrangements, to support implementation of projects and programmes funded by international donor organizations, to identify main directions with multilateral and bilateral cooperation in statistics.

Macro Economics Statistics Department is to ensure favorable conditions for introducing the System of National Accounts in the country's statistical activities; improve statistical information on businesses and prices; provide support to integrated policies, methodological management of censuses and surveys; and estimate the status and trends of key macroeconomic indicators at national level.

Economic statistics division: Enhancement of economic indicators and methodology; conform the reported indicators to the SNA, ensure accuracy of the information, realistically estimate on a timely basis value addition by sectors, enhance the quality and effects of surveys on key indicators of sectors; improve and streamline the cohesion of official and administrative statistics by sectors.

Population and Social Statistics Division The division elaborates the statistical indicators and methodology for social, population, health, education statistics; introduces standards and methodology consistent with international statistical standards and methodology; and works to improve consistency of information; expand information coverage; calculates value addition for some services sectors, enhances quality and effects of sample surveys; elaborates official and administrational statistics of related sectors and their mutual complementarity.

Population Census Bureau provides organizational and technical advice to census units, is responsible for overall organizational arrangements of census activities including census data collection8 processing and dissemination of the census results, to produce demographic and health statistics on monthly and annual basis. 

Research Department to introduce national standard based on international classification and standard, to improve sample survey methodology, to provide with integrated methodological guideline for research, to conduct factor analysis, develop future development trends.

Data processing and technology department designs and introduces data processing software; collects, consolidates and processes scheduled statistical information, survey results, and population and housing census results; secures reliable and safe operation of the Office's external and local networks; maintains in proper conditions the database; introduces new information and communication technologies in the statistics offices; maintains and improves hardware; defines (in cooperation with and participation) the integrated technological policy at the statistics system level and undertake measures to ensure implementation of the policy; and Support the development and enhancement of computer skills of the staff of the organization

Monitoring, Evaluation and Marketing Department supports the attainment of stated objectives by monitoring, analyzing, commenting on the implementation of set forth programs, plans, projects and decisions; supervises, monitors, evaluates and coordinates the work of central and local statistical offices; defines the advertisement policy and directions for statistical service and works to improve the marketing of statistical information in consistency with accepted international standards.

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