The current Mongolian statistical office provides with professional and centralized management and unified methodology within the system, and with regard to the institutional structure it has a decentralized system, and in general, the statistical system can be considered as a mixture of centralized and decentralized. One of the main factors for strengthening statistical office is to prepare highly qualified professional staff in this field. Starting from 1960s, the Government of Mongolia had been paying special attention to this matter. As a result, a number of students were started to study at the universities of the former Soviet Union in statistics at that time. In addition, new classes of statistics were established in the National University of Mongolia, and the College of Finance, Mongolia in 1960s, which was a commencement of training national statisticians in university, and colleges. A key issue of the human resource management at the NSO is to strengthen the capacity of the NSO by promoting knowledge and skills of its staff. We are making systematic arrangements to improve professional quality of staff through train and re-train them on the job training, and involve in short and long term local, overseas training and study tour.

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