The Statistical Office was transferred from the State Planning Office to the Council of Ministers of MPR and re-organized as a Central Statistical Office by 94th Decree of Great Khural of the MPR on 8 April 1960. The system of regional statistical bodies was established through the Joint Resolution 167/99 of Central Committee of the MPRP and the Council of Ministers of the MPR on establishing statistical bureaus in aimags and cities, and creating a post of state statistical inspectors in the soums.

     In 1997 the Statistical Bureaus of aimags were reorganized as Statistical Divisions at Governors of aimags, and by the 16th Order of the Governor of the Capital city, the Government implementing agency the Statistical Department has established at the Governor, and by the revised Law on Statistics of Mongolia (2004) Statistical Sections at the Governors of the districts were reorganized as Divisions.

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