The logo of the National Statistical Office was designed by painter Mr. Amarsaikhan, and approved by the Chairman of National Statistical Office in 2004.


      The general frame of the logo of the National Statistical Office is designed as a circular shape "mirror" expressing clearness. In the upper part of the logo, the Chandmani Erdene (Wish-granting Jewel) is placed and it symbolizes the prosperity. The main part is depicted as the Mongol Ger (national dwelling) by meaningful and elegant shape. 
     The main text of the logo is the words of "Mongolian National Statistics", which means "Mongolian National Statistics" and the abbreviation of those words in two positions is placed in conformity with the body of the logo. 
     In the central part of logo, a combination of the first three capital letters of the abbreviation of "Mongolian   National Statistic" is placed in block capitals. The stems of "M" and "Y" letters presents diagrams of statistical data and a connected arrow of "M" or a "fork" of "Y" indicates changes (growth and decrease) and fluctuations of social and economic statistical indicators.
     The body and text of the logo shall be colored black and stems of "M" (vertical lines in 2 borders) are red, and its connected arrow and "Y" are blue. This colors combination also comprises of the colors of the State Flag of Mongolia. 

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