One. Recitals

1.   Based on relevant definitions and provisions in the Law on Statistics of Mongolia and Principles of Statistical Activities stipulated in Article 4 of the Law and in pursuant to Provision 4 of the Law – ‘statistical data shall be made available to the general public and be transparent as permitted in the laws’, the Procedure has been prepared.

2.   Main objective of the Policy on Statistical Data Dissemination is to equally provide and make available official statistics on society, economy, and population of Mongolia as allowed by the laws and regulations, and formal documents of authorities.

3.   Confidential data, detailed materials and files of censuses and surveys, unprocessed data, and data and materials prepared for a limited number of clients shall not be made available to the general public.

4.   The National Statistical Office upholds policy of deriving certain benefit from its pay service for users of statistics while spending the government budget in a cost-efficient way. At the same time, it shall also be our policy to responsively react to users’ needs and demand and diversify its service and maintain flexible prices for its services.


Two. The main principles for implementing statistical data dissemination policy

  • Provision of equal access to data to all users
  • Dissemination of data in an easier and more understandable manner
  • Regular improvement in quality of statistical products and services to meet user needs  
  • To create resource base, integrated database and human resource that fits the need of  statistical users, and their technical level  that needs
  • To develop standard indicators set that reflect country specifics, in accordance with data dissemination method in international level,
  • To update statistical database, regularly

Three.  User of Statistical Information

Statistical information can be disseminated on two different categories in terms of its user:

 Users of Statistical information on free of charge – President of Mongolia and President`s office, the State Great Khural, office of State Great Khural, Members of the Government of Mongolia,  government agencies, international organizations and international donor organizations.

Users of Statistical Information on charge– an internal and external organizations, enterprises and citizens.

Four. Data Dissemination Method

Following are methods used for data dissemination, Namely:

  1. Mass media – Television, radio, daily news
  2. Publications
  3. Electronic devices
  4. Internet – website
  5. Through professional interagent /mediator/
  6. On request by users

Above mentioned methods will be used in accordance with user’s need; however an electronic devices or online dissemination method will be used more frequently.

Following methods will be used for statistical data dissemination activities.

Namely :
1.   Publications:
Yearbooks, bulletins, introductions, books, brochures

  1. Information catalogue
  2. Price list for productions
  3. Advocacy materials
  4. Pictures, graphics, diagrams

2.  Electronic data, service:

  1. Through email addresses
  2. CD RОМ
  3. Flash disk
  4. Online  (Internet)

3.  Ordered service and enquiry services:

  1. To provide users with necessary information about publications and productions on the telephone
  2. To reply user`s request received to the Information Service center, by email
  3. On request by users, to prepare necessary data, copying and printing services
  4. To organize workshops, seminars and discussions for users of statistical information
  5. Library Service

4.  Data dissemination on mass media:
To inform public with  statistical information by organizing press conference in every quarter, to prepare broadcast on statistical information, to prepare official statistical information in newspapers, 

Five. Main directions of Data Dissemination activities

1.  to update statistical database

  • To update statistical database by recent and accurate statistical data, regularly
  • To provide timeliness of statistical data,
  • To make it easier to use
  • To improve data protection and confidentiality
  • To create data achieves

2.   To develop marketing policy on statistical data dissemination

  • To improve and increase number of possible ways to disseminate statistical data
  • To examine pubic demand on statistics, type of statistical data that fits user need,
  • To examine user`s need and to train users of statistical information, to provide users with equal access to data
  • Advertising statistical data
  • To expand external cooperation with international organizations, to enhance data exchange activities with these organizations

3. to develop necessary resource base and human resources that fits user`s need and technical level.

  • To upgrade resource base and techniques used for data dissemination up to international standard
  • To train staff members responsible for statistical database and dissemination, to create settled work condition for long term employment, 
  • To examine possibilities to shift the status of Information Service Center into self-sustained entity, eventually, once circumstances are favorable, to transmit its status into Self-sustained entity.


Sex. Implementation of Data Dissemination Policy

  1. Implementing unit of data dissemination policy will be the National Statistical Office of Mongolia and its Data Dissemination Unit.
  2. Data Dissemination Policy and its principles are fundamentals of data dissemination activities of the NSO of Mongolia in short and long term.

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