Ariunzaya Ayush Chairperson 976-11-320262
Bayanchimeg Chilkhaasuren Vice chairperson 976-51-262311
Tsevegdorj Chimedtseren Director of Administration department 976-51-262767
Demberel Ayush Director of National accounts and statistical research department 976-51- 263968
Oyunchimeg Dandar Director of Population and social statistics department 976-51- 264554
Erdenesan Eldev-Ochir Director of Economic statistics department 976-51- 263152
Myagmarsuren Lkhagva Director of Information technology department 976-51- 267885
Amarbal Avirmed Director of Population and household census bureau 976-51- 263964
Saranchimeg Byamba Director of monitoring division 976-11-329271
Batsukh Dashzeveg Director of Finance division 976-11-322767
Ganchimeg Mijiddorj Director of foreign relations and cooperation division 976-51-261530
Purevdorj Mungun Director of Public relations division 976-51-260434
Ariunbold Shagdar Senior Statistician of Research and sampling unit 976-51-262903
Oyunjargal Mangalsuren Senior Statistician of Innovation and Development unit 976-51-261560
Oyuntsetseg Mashir Senior Statistician of Household income and expenditure unit 976-51-262325
Gantuya Enkhtaivan Senior Statistician of Labor force survey unit 976-51-265543
Oyunbileg Delgersaikhan Senior Statistician of Business register unit 976-51-261567
Enkhzaya Dambiijantsan Senior Statistician of Price statistics unit 976-323152

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